Class Reunion Survey

Thank you so much for an AMAZING time this past weekend! You all have been so gracious and forthcoming with compliments, I'm humbled. It may actually encourage me to try this one more time in 5 years (can't believe I'm saying that!) But, in light of the cost and time involved, I believe we could change some things. As we get older and don't need all the pomp and circumstance of previous events, I think we can fine tune this to make it even better! I hate lengthy surveys so I've only asked a few questions. If you weren't able to join us, I would still love your input! Thanks to all of you that came. You brought back some amazing memories and helped create some new ones! Go Falcons!!! Bobbi Lynn Bolton

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1)   * Did you like the location of the reunion?

Yes No
2)   * If we were to have a 30th reunion, would you attend? If not, why?

3)   * If you were planning the reunion, what would you do?

  Only make it one night
  No DJ or big dinner, just hang out location
  Rent a party boat for just our class
4)   * What was your favorite part of the reunion?

5)   What would you do differently?

  Meet at a bar, like our Friday night this last time
  Meet at a park and bring families